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Kolonihaven Unikum

Soundart, installations and improvised music for prepared piano, percussion, water, bricks etc.

Anders Ørbæk: Player 1
Christian Windfeld: Player 2

Kolonihaven Unikum is a danish duo creatig music in the area between contemporary minimalism and improvised sound art. The combination of cogency and playfull madness makes their expression intense and ever present. Using piano and percussion as the base for various alterations the duo extends the range of the tambre of these instruments creating new and interesting ambient soundscapes. For sound installations the duo has worked thoroughly with various materials like tin foil, tape and bricks.
In 2013 Kolonihaven Unikum published the critic acclaimed album, poetry and art-collection “Saltö” followed up by “Punkt-Linie-Fläche” in 2014. Installations include sightspecific works like “Rumelig konklusion” and “Operation Piano”.