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Low volume acoustic noise music on the eternal backdrop of silence.

Chris Heenan: Contrabass Clarinet
Adam Pultz Melbye: Bass
Christian Windfeld: Snare drum & Objects


Flamingo explores sound, texture and dynamics. Sometimes verging on the threshold of hearing and at other times engaging in dense layers and waves of sound, the music of Flamingo creates a poetic space in which pure sound phenomena step forth on the eternal backdrop of silence.

Flamingo has performed at festivals and venues throughout Denmark and Germany and released its debut album on vinyl, CD and download in May 2016.
The trio is currently working on the unique cross-disciplinary project Every Vessel that researches the relationship between sound and sculpture, using custom built software to analyze and visualize music and movement through 3-D printed objects. Vessel will be premiered in Kunsthal Nord in Aalborg, Denmark in May 2017.
Expanding the trio with sound artists and engineer Roy Carroll, Flamingo occasionally performs the immersive sound piece LOUD. In LOUD, quiet sounds and textures are amplified with precise microphone placement and eq, while Carroll is an active player in the group, letting the loudspeakers become instruments in themselves.